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Lisa grew up in St Petersburg, FL, her brother Michael and herself being first generation Floridians in their family where there are basically two seasons, Summer & Hurricanes. She’s lucky to call St Pete her home, born and raised surrounded by sunshine and beaches. As kids, her brother and her would go across the street to their neighbors house Bud & Charlene and hang out while Michael fished from the dock for Snook and Redfish. They inherited their fishy side from their dad who taught Lisa how to throw a cast net at the age of 8.

It wasn’t until 2012 when Lisa met Brad (now husband) at Bill Jacksons Shop for Adventure where they both worked and he managed the fly shop. Word on the street was that he was the “fly guru” and she couldn’t help but want to learn about fly fishing, especially because she didn’t grow up ever hearing about people who fly fished. So, he set her up and she bought her first fly rod and it was then she knew she would absolutely fall in love with this sport.

In 2014, Lisa decided to join the CG and left for boot camp in Cape May, NJ in the midst of winter. This Florida girl definitely didn’t know snow. She got stationed in Miami for her first unit on a cutter where the patrols led her to some pretty fishy and tropical destinations. Once they came back inport, she had Peacock Bass in her backyard where she literally fished for them every single day, rain or shine. It was a huge learning experience for her as she found herself searching new spots on her own all over South Florida. Brad & Lisa eventually left Miami and moved on to the Big Easy, the LAND OF THE GIANTS! They spent two short years there learning the vast amount of marsh and red fishing. Lisa is currently still Active Duty in St. Petersburg, FL and right outside her window she has Snook, jacks and giant Tarpon!

 Lisa’s passion for fly fishing has grown so deeply and she hopes to bring this gift to other people’s lives. The biggest hope is to be an inspiration for other women to get out there and try it for the first time or keep pursuing their dreams of it! She has volunteered with Casting for Recovery, a non-profit that provides FREE fly fishing retreats to breast cancer survivors. She loves seeing women get out on the water and learn the art of fly fishing. Lisa’s passion for fly fishing and teaching and putting people on fish has led her to become a USCG licensed Captain so she can have the chance to guide you to your own Tampa Bay fish!